Widex Magnify 100 mRIC R D rechargeable p / M Receiver hearing aid BD

৳ 75,000.00 ৳ 80,000.00

Brand:  Widex

Aid Placement: CIC

Model Name: Magnify 100 M CIC M
Fittin Range:  0-90 db

No of Channel:   6

Battery Life: 40 hours

6 Processing channels,
6 Fine tuning channels,
Broadband locator,
Noise reduction comfort,
Free focus via Magnify app,
3 listening program slots,
Soft Level Noise Reduction,
TruSound Automatic Output Control,
High resolution Sensogram, Sound Dairy,
Audibility Extender (AE),
Zen ,
Direct Audio Streaming for IOS
& Remote control functions for Android via Widex Magnify App,
Tonelink app & Dex Devices,
Wireless CROS compatible,
Compatible with all Dex accessories,
Smart Speak.
New and improved Compass GPS 4.2.

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