Widex Enjoy 100 RIC, 0-90 DB HL

৳ 55,000.00 ৳ 60,000.00

Brand widex
Aid Placement Receiver in the canal
Model Name/Number Enjoy 100 RIC
Type RIC
Fitting Range 0-90 dB HL
No. Of Channels 6 channels

Product Description

Enjoy 100 RIC  –
Enjoy Platform with dual core processor, Improved Widex open fit rationales, Acclimatisation rationales, Power saver IV technology for low current consumption,6processing & fine tunning channels, 2.4 GHz control (Android & iOS), 2.4GHz Audio Streaming(iOS) in RIC F2 and 13D BTE, WidexLink to DEX Assistive listening devices,TV-Play, Telecoil, Enjoy App, Tone link app for all form factors, Com-DEX App, Auto adaptation manager, 3 Programs, Preference Control, Program Push Button, Softlevel noise reduction, Noise reduction (NR), Broad-band locator, ZEN IE/ZEN+ , Audibility extender
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