Vibe P4 (Former Siemens) Digital Programmable 4 channel BTE Hearing Aid BD

৳ 20,000.00 ৳ 22,000.00

Vibe P4 (Former Siemens) Digital Programmable 4 channel BTE  Hearing Aid with 6 month Battery Free.

Brand: Vibe (Former Siemens) Germany

Type : BTE

Aid Placement: Behind The Ear.

Model Name: Vibe p4

1. Provides superior sound quality with low distortion
2. Highly advanced feedback cancellation system
3. 100% digital signal processing chip
4. Microphone background noise abatement
5. Push button hearing mode selection
6. Uses Size 13 Zinc Air Batteries
7. Excellent feedback elimination system
8. Ready-To-Wear New robust design
9. Mini Size
10. Moisture-Resistant
11. Rocker volume control
12. For use in either ear
13. Includes 3 ear tips (sizes: small, medium, and large)
14.  Gain 62dBm Output 130dB
15. 4 Channel 3 programs
16.For Moderate to Severe Flat, Slight Slope and Sloping hearing loss.
17.On and Off done through Battery Door