Starkey (U.S.A Made) Muse 2400 BTERICCIC 24-Channel 24-Band Hearing Aid In Bangladesh

৳ 347,000.00



the hearing aid platform,

in conjunction with Acuity OS,

the operating system within Starkey Muse hearing aids,

it enables speech and other sounds,

such as music,

to be processed uniquely,

providing audibility and comfort while enhancing listening enjoyment.

Automatic Programs: the Starkey Muse 2400 hearing aid utilises the Acuity Lifescape Analyzer which automatically

handles multiple environments simultaneously, including:

>Speech and Noise
>Machine Noise

Chanel : 24

Band : 24

Manufacturer: Starkey

Model: Muse CIC

Series: 2400

Technology Level: Premium

Suitable For: Mild Hearing Loss,Moderate Hearing Loss

Battery Type: 10