Siemens (Signia) Motion P 5PX BTE 32 Channels Digital Hearing Aid Device Bangladesh (Rehab Hearing).

৳ 180,000.00 ৳ 200,000.00


Speech Master provides the user with the highest possible performance noise reduction, directionality and amplification. It’s ultra high resolution eight microphone system with narrow directionality allows wearers to hear better than normal hearing in difficult listening environments. HD Music has been specifically created to deliver outstanding music quality and fidelity. The HD Music program delivers a superb listing experience with a fuller richer sound and outstanding music realism. Echo Shield recognizes reverberation and softens it so the wearer can hear clearly. Normally hearing aids amplify not only the direct speech, but also the echoes bouncing off the walls and ceiling. These reflected signals reduce the overall sound quality. Echo Shield softens the reflected sound and provides for a better sound quality with reduced listening effort. Twin Phone recognizes that you’re using the phone and wirelessly transmits the phone call to both ears, thus reducing effort and improving listening quality. Sound in both ears is used to localize sound sources, maintain spatial orientation, and understand speech better. This is especially helpful in noisy and challenging listening situations. By using the advantages of hearing with two ears, or binaural hearing, Motion brings you cutting-edge technology to deliver the most natural listening experience possible.

A superior binaural listening experience
Directional microphones that help you better focus on conversation
Premium wireless connectivity for convenient control
Telecoil for connection and transmission of speech directly into your ears in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings
A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
Superior nanocoating protects from corrosion and water damage