Siemens Pure Primax.ric Pure 3px (twin Mic) 24 channel digital hearing aid bangladesh

৳ 135,000.00 ৳ 140,000.00

Pure Primax.ric Pure 3px (twin Mic)
Fully featured. Binaural. Effortless.

Ideal for discerning wearers, the new Pure™ primax combines elegant sophistication with the power of primax technology in a RIC hearing aid. Small, stylish and superbly discreet, its premium design and high-end features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day.

1) Directional microphones
Optimized placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance.

2) Battery compartment
For a size 312 standard or rechargeable battery. With on/off function.

3) Wireless connectivity
Easy audio streaming and remote control functionality via the easyTek and easyTek App.

4) TwinPhone
The telephone signal is transmitted clearly from one hearing aid to the other.

5) Tinnitus noiser
Tinnitus therapy signals with five static noise types and four ocean wave signals.

6) Charging contacts
The eCharger charges and dehumidifies Pure primax overnight.

7) Remotely controllable
Via the touchControl App, hearing programs, volume, directionality, bass and treble can be discreetly changed.

8) Wireless CROS/BiCROS
Compatible with CROS Pure.