Siemens Lotus Run SP 8 channels B.T.E Digital Hearing Aid In Bangladesh

৳ 25,000.00 ৳ 28,000.00

Siemens new Lotus Run SP is a 8 channels B.T.E type Mobile App controlled digital hearing aid. Fitting via the Mobile Fitting App. 6 preconfigured sound profiles. For Severe to Profound hearing loss. On and Off done through Battery Door, the optimal sound profile can easily selected and adjusted via the rocker switch. Gain 79dB Output 139dB. Noise reduction situation based. Its other features includes :- (1) Directional microphones- Optimized placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance. (2) Rocker switch- For volume adjustments. (3) Battery compartment- For size 675 battery in Run SP. (4) Earhook- Ergonomically formed for greater comfort and a high degree of amplification. (5) Rugged and robust- Run has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments ? for greater reliability. (6) Comfort Coupling- This simple and reliable kind of sound transmission ensures optimum amplification for all levels of hearing loss.