Resound Magana 490 BTE hearing machine 9ch by Rehab hearing

৳ 60,000.00 ৳ 65,000.00

ReSound Magna 490DVI our new,
digital super power BTE.
ReSound Magna includes the latest technology to improve hearing in multiple listening environments for people with severe to profound hearing loss.MAGNA has 9 channels and 9 bands.
1. More gain without feedback.
Up to 144 dB SPL maximum power output and 86 dB maximum gain,
combined with DFS Ultra to offer more stable gain.2.
Great sound quality and speech understanding.
Surround Sound by ReSound offers Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management and Noise Tracker II.3.
high-frequency hearing.
New Sound Shaper technology makes inaudible sounds audible through frequency compression with minimal distortion.
4.Easier adaptation and personalized fitting.
WDRC and linear amplification schemes,
as well as fine-tuning options in Aventa fitting software support super power fitting strategies.
Attractive, ergonomic and durable.
Nanocoated with iSolate Nanotech from the inside out,
and optimized