Resound LiNX3D 788 DW P BTE 14 Channel Digital Hearing Aid Bangladesh.

৳ 160,000.00 ৳ 165,000.00

Resound LiNX2 788 DW P BTE Digital Hearing Aid Bangladesh.

LiNX2 788 DW P fully digital Behind The Ear Wireless hearing aid.
14 Channel and 74dB gain.
Battery Size 13.
Fitting range 30 dBHL to 105 dBHL.
Suitable for Mild to Profound hearing loss.
Sound Sharper.
Advanced Noise Tracket II.
Synchronized Acceptance Manager.
Advanced Wind Gurd. Directionality.
-Environmental Optimizer. Directionality 4 options including soft switching.
Digital Feedback Suppression DFS ULTRA II.
Phone Now options.
Low Frequency Boost.
Wireless hearing aid – connectivity through Resound Unite,
Made for iPhone, Apps Control,
Tinnitus Relief App and inbuilt Tinnitus Solution.
Sound Sharper. 4 Fully Flexible Programs.Synchoronized Volume Control/ Push Button Devices with Buttons.