Resound Linx 3D 988 BTE hearing aid 17ch by Rehab hearing BD

৳ 250,000.00 ৳ 255,000.00

Resound LiNX 3D 988 DW P fully digital Behind The Ear Powerul hearing aid.
Made for iPhone.
17 Channel and 74dB gain.
Battery Size 13.
Fitting range 30 dBHL to 105 dBHL.
Suitable for Mild to Profound hearing loss.
Features includes – Binaural Directionality II- This hearing aid feature provide both you can focus on the sounds that are important to you without losing touch with what’s
going on around you.
Providing the brain with the right information from both ears lets you effortlessly follow conversations and shift attention naturally.
Spatial Sense – This hearing aid feature supports your ability to detect where sounds are coming from,
so you experience a more natural sense of your surroundings and the best possible sound quality.
Environmental Optimizer Plus- With this hearing aid feature you can enjoy sound quality and listening comfort even when you are rapidly changing sound environments,
like from office to outdoor or part to traffic etc automatically without a need to