Hearing Aid Dryer Dehumidifier-Aid200D

৳ 4,999.00 ৳ 6,000.00


1. Item Name: Hearing aid drying case

2. Model : Aid 200 , no timer

3. Brand Name: Soundlink

4. Material :Plastic

5. Size : 80*80*77mm

6. Voltage:220 V

7. Net Weight: 200 g/pcs

8. Usage: Used to drying hearing aids

General introduction:

Electric drying case is specially designed to dry hearing aids and other pint-sized sophisticated electronic products. This product sticks the heat generation element o an aluminium plate, and its center spacer separates the object which needs being dried from the heat conducting air in the case. This can avoid damage to the object due to accidental excessive heat.

Application environment:

1. Environment temperature:0~40OC

2. Relative air humidity is less than 80\%RH.(Temperature is 25OC)

3. No combustible gas, aggressive gas or electrically conducting dust exists in the surrounding environment.


1. Any water spot or blot on the surface of hearing aids must be swept clean before drying, battery door

should be opened and battery should be taken out.

2.The time for object to be dried cannot exceed 12 hours in one day.

3. Please clean the hearing aids polluted by battery weeping before drying.

4. No covering the body lf electric drying case when it is working.

5. Please pluck off power plug when electric drying case ends its work.

6. Dismantlement of repair by yourself is forbidden.