Danavox TERA 762 DW RIE Open/Classic 17 Channels Digital Hearing Aid Device Bangladesh (Rehab Hearing).

৳ 66,000.00 ৳ 72,000.00

Danavox TERA 762 DW RIE is a digital programmable Receiver In Ear type hearing aid. Hearing Aid laced behind the ear and receiver placed in canal. It has 17 channel digital processing and 17 Band with 61 dB & 69dB gain receivers available. Battery size 312, Fitting range upto 100dBHL. Suitable for Mild to Profound hearing loss. It consists 4 Flexible and 3 Automatic programs, SDA Plus Feedback Guard, Synchronized DIR Control / Multiscope Adaptive Directionality, Assymetric Directionality ii WITH Beamforming, Wind Barrier, ComfortFIT, Spectra, SNR, Datalogging, In-situ Audiometry, Easy-On, Nano –coating, MagnetPro, DAI, Wireless Programming, Control Vox, Tele Vox, Micro Vox, Inter-Ear Processing / Duo Synchronization. Environment Auto balance.