Coselgi CD15 -CIC Hearing Aid Bangladesh By (Rehab Hearing Center.)

৳ 292,500.00 ৳ 300,000.00

The hearing aid has the following features –

15 Processing Channels

Linked Feedback Cancellation

15 Channel Automatic Adaptive Directionality

Real Input

Noise Reduction with Speech Focus

5 Listening Programs

Linked Volume/Program Control

Easy Voice/Easy Tone

Linked Zen/Zen+

Sound Stabiliser

Wireless CROS Compatible


Linear Frequency Transposition

Real Ear Effect

Impulse Noise Rejection

Linked Speech Enhancement system

Phone Stream

Linked Compression

Personal Zen

App for iphone

Android and new functionality Via Com DEX

Compatible with DEX devices
uitable for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss

Battery Size: 10 (Zinc Air)

Fitting Range: 10 -80 dB

Warranty: 24 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Battery Life: Approximately 50 – 60 hours